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Long Yoga Mats: The Best Yoga Mat for a Tall Person

Using a standard size yoga mat when you are taller than average can be problematic.

You will often find yourself going off the mat and onto the floor. Fortunately, there are long yoga mats that you can use, and they come in different colors, types, and categories.

Extended yoga mats are ideal even for individuals who are taller than the average person, as well as those who feel the need for a bit of extra space when doing yoga.

If you’re short on time, we recommend the extended Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat (i.e., 85″ x 26″ model). Note that this link will take you Amazon.

What Is a Long Yoga Mat Size?

The standard size of a yoga mat is 24″ x 68″ in length. Any yoga mat that exceeds these standards is considered a long yoga mat.

It’s common to see 71″, 72″, and 74″ yoga mats. I’ve even periodically seen 84″ yoga mats designed for very tall people.

Long yoga mats are the ideal choice for people who are more than 5’10” in height. With long yoga mats, you will have more space when working out on the floor.

It also helps in keeping your neighbors a bit further from you when doing yoga in a crowded class.

Bumping into a sweaty yogi during class on a hot day is not something you would want to encounter.

Why Do You Need a Long Yoga Mat?

When it comes to indoor workouts such as aerobics and yoga, some people tend to think that the mats they need come in one size.

However, exercises mats are placed on the floor, carving out space for an individual to use during their workout. The mats are ultimately meant to enhance your balance, improving the grip of your hands and feet.

For taller individuals, they simply need more space to carve out during workouts to prevent potential mishaps. An extended yoga mat is designed for do that as you stretch and extend your body into various yoga positions.

But the hands and feet will end up on the dirty floor if you are tall and working out on a small yoga mat.

For you to enjoy the full yoga experience, you will need to purchase a long yoga mat; it will make all the difference.

How to Choose a Long Yoga Mat

When choosing your long yoga mat, you will have to take into account the available floor space comparing it against the standard size of a yoga mat.

You will also have to consider:

The Material Used to Make the Yoga Mat

Consider the quality and durability of the material used to make the yoga mat. It should be an easy to clean material that is resistant to dirt, grease, and sweat.

The material should be eco-friendly and sustainable; rubber will usually meet the need better than PVC. While PVC mats may be durable and will not wear out fast, PVC mats tend to be complicated to recycle when compared to rubber mats.

Moreover, some of the PVC yoga mats may contain carcinogens and have unusual smells. There are a few PVC mats that we recommend, including our overall favorite, but it’s important to research the mat before your purchase it. In our opinion, the safest bet for newbies is to opt for yoga mats that are made from natural, eco-friendly materials.

The Style of the Mat

When it comes to yoga mat styles, there is a nearly unlimited number of options. You can easily find mats that are solid colors or something with a unique print or patterns.

Some yogis have even had custom yoga mats designed. Remember that you will be facing the mat when doing the downward dog pose and any other yoga position that has you looking at the floor, so pick a mat that is motivating and fun to look at when in your yoga classes.


Yoga mats come in different thicknesses ranging from a few millimeters to nearly 3/4 of an inch. If you feel a bit heavy, then you should go for a mat that will adequately cushion your knees.

For this, you should consider yoga mats that are made from lightweight foam. Thin yoga mats have a dense foam, although they do provide some degree of cushioning. However, these mats are ideal for lighter individuals.


Since the objective of spreading a yoga mat on the floor when doing yoga is to have something to cushion you yet providing traction, you should give the texture of the mat some consideration.

Have a feel of the material used to make the mat, and see how it feels against your skin especially when sweaty. You don’t want a mat that will irritate you.

Sometime the texture may be due to the natural state of the material used to make the yoga mat. Other times the texture may be something introduced to the material (such as bumps or raised patterns).

We usually opt for materials such as jute, cotton, rubber or cork. They tend to have bumps or raised patterns that give them excellent grip.


Regarding the need to pick something that provides ample grip, the trick is to look at the stickiness of the yoga mat. If it clings to your hand and feet while also sticking to the floor underneath, then that is the type of mat to get.

The PVC yoga mats may be sticky, but they are not as eco-friendly as cotton, jute, rubber, or cork mats. Rubber is not that sticky but is of a higher quality.

On the other hand, cork is an excellent choice because it strikes the perfect balance between being sticky with sweat and heat, the more you sweat and the more the mat heats up, the sticker it gets.

You should always clean your mats after using them. The mat may not be as sticky as it should be if it’s dirty. You can use basic soap and water to clean your yoga mat, or you can clean your yoga may with vinegar after using it. Yoga mats can get really sweaty during a session of hot yoga.

What’s the Best Yoga Mat for a Tall Person?

Since the market is saturated with a variety of yoga mats, choosing the best yoga mat for a tall person can be quite a challenge. There are just too many factors.

We have reviewed some of the best long yoga mats on the market to simplify things for you and help you make a more informed choice.

1. Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat

Comfort: It has an ultra-dense material for ample cushioning. With a thickness of 6mm, this yoga mat is perfect for relieving joint aches and arthritis pressure.

It has a dotted pattern that provides excellent traction even for hot yoga. The Manduka Pro comes in lengths of 71 inches and 85 inches.

Reliability: The mat is marketed as a quality product that will not fade, flake or peel. It does not contain any latex, or nontoxic elements thus will not have a funky smell of chemicals. The surface is made of closed cells that prevent dirt and sweat from sipping through thus making it easy to clean. The Manduka Pro is a PVC yoga mat with a good eco-friendly rating. It last long and thus is less likely to be thrown away. Although we don’t usually recommend PVC mats, we really like this one. It’s actually our top overall choice.

Price: The Manduka Pro yoga mat is relatively affordable; the cost is between that of the middle and high-end yoga mats. If you factor in its comfort and durability, then this is a worthwhile investment. Opting to purchase it will mean that you are paying for comfort and quality.


The Manduka Pro yoga and pilates mat is a perfect purchase for people who are new to yoga. It is also the right investment for advanced yogis. Made from an ultra-dense material, the Manduka pro mat provides excellent cushioning.

It will do that without peeling, flaking or fading. It is big enough to ensure that large people have enough space when in yoga classes to execute the different yoga postures.

2. Jade Fusion Yoga Mat

Comfort: The Jade Fusion yoga mat is 24 inches in width, but this should not be an issue if it 74-inch length is enough to accommodate your height. It is 8mm thick and made from open cell natural rubber that gives it an extraordinary grip needed for any style of yoga, and it has a density that provides ample cushioning. Since the Jade Fusion mat is made from rubber, it is comfortable, easy to clean and highly durable.

Reliability: The mat is popular among most yogis because of its excellent slip resistance. The material is light thus making the mat feel weightless. The Jade Fusion yoga mat is made from natural rubber and does not contain any synthetic additions, which makes it very durable. The mat does not come with a lifetime warranty, but it is very reliable.

Price: This is usually a more expensive mat, as it’s sold in the same category as some of the most high-end yoga mats. Keep in mind that you are investing in quality and that means you expect to get nothing less than the highest quality materials. The Jade Fusion mat is made from natural, recyclable products and the manufacturers plant a tree for every Jade Fusion yoga mat that’s sold. Therefore, buying this mat means you also are supporting nature.


If you are a yoga guru or a newbie, the Jade Fusion is one of the best yoga mats. Actually, we often recommend Jade Fusion products, as they’re one of our favorites. It has a good density that provides enough support and pressure relief on the joints when doing certain yoga poses. The Jade Fusion long yoga mat is very high quality, and that is something worth considering before discrediting it due to its standard width.

3. Peak Fulfillment Non-Slip Memory Foam Yoga Mat

Comfort: Memory foam is what this 8mm thick long yoga mat offers regarding comfort. You can lay on your back and not worry about straining your back or spine. The mat is of an ideal thickness that also supports standing poses. It provides excellent traction for the hands and feet and anchors well to the floor thus staying in place as you go about your yoga. Some of the non-slip memory foam yoga mats can be slick during their first use, but that goes away once they are washed with soap and water.

Reliability: The mat is praised for its extended life, but we don’t think it’s as reliable as the previously two mats. However, this memory foam yoga mat is an excellent option if you’re looking for something decently reliable and provides good value for the money. You can use it for several years and it’s highly recommended for individuals who are new to practicing yoga.

Price: The non-slip memory foam yoga mat is an excellent investment if you are looking for something affordable and high quality. It may be on the lower end of things when it comes to cost, but it does deliver when matters of quality arise. The mat is a package that offers comfort and reliability at the best value for money.


The non-slip memory foam yoga mat is a fantastic pick if you are a yoga newbie seeking a mat to use around the house or searching for quality at an affordable price. While the mat may not be as durable as the other three long yoga mats mentioned above, it still will do the work. It is long, wide enough and provides a notable level of comfort.

4. Basically Perfect Cork Yoga Mat

Comfort: The name paints a picture of what to expect with this particular mat. The mat is 5mm thick and made from natural cork and rubber. The rubber is at the base while the cork, which has antimicrobial properties, is at the top. The rubber is meant to ensure the mat grips the floor while the cork makes the upper surface self-sanitizing.

Reliability: The two materials used to make this mat are highly durable. The upper surface, which is made from cork, gains more traction as the heat and sweat increase making it an ideal choice for hot yoga. Moreover, the combination of the rubber and cork keep the cork from chipping which is something a bit common with most cork products. Also, the use of the two materials ensures the mat is flexible and durable enough to last many years.

Price: Placed in the mid to high-end cost category, the Basically Perfect Cork yoga mat is a good purchase if you are looking for a comfortable and durable cork mat. Opting for this particular mat will be a matter of look, feel, quality and durability. You should always invest in something that is of good value for your money, and this mat manages to fit the bill.


The mat has a great look and feel, and it does not weigh much given the fact that it is made from cork. A quick glance at it and it is apparent that this long yoga mat is built to last. However, its shortcomings are that is not as light as the other yoga mats, but it does counter that by offering quality and reliability. If you do manage to like the mat, then you may forgo the fact that it does not come in many other large sizes. If you have such concerns, then you should consider other options such as the memory foam yoga mat.

5. YogiMall Natural Jute Yoga Mat

Comfort: It is a PVC/jute mat that is 5mm thick and made to be eco-friendly. That density is enough to provide adequate cushioning without destabilizing your yoga poses. However, that thickness makes it an ideal choice for individuals who are below 185lbs. Consider something a bit thicker, such as the Jade Fusion yoga mat, if you weight more than 185lbs. The jute gives the YogiMall mat a soft burlap feel making it an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin.

Reliability: When you purchase the YogiMall long yoga mat, it comes with a one-year return policy and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The blend of eco-friendly PVC and natural jute make it a sturdy product since both materials are built to last. The mat can last three years depending on its frequency of use. If you’re planning to participate in hot yoga sessions, then it would be best to consider yoga mats designed for hot yoga or other alternatives such as the Jade Fusion or the Basically Perfect Cork and Rubber yoga mats.

Price: If you are looking for something affordable, then the price of this mat pushes it towards the top of the list. The mix of eco-friendly PVC and a sturdy naturally occurring fiber produces a product that is well worth the money.


The YogiMall yoga mat is an inexpensive investment worth considering if you are trying out yoga for the first time. However, cork and rubber offer a far better product and a slightly higher price that is still affordable. But you can start with this and then upgrade to something better, such as rubber or cork, once you develop a thing for yoga practice.

The YogiMall natural jute reversible yoga mat can take the punches for several years before calling it quits. Moreover, the mat comes motivating colors such as blue, purple and green.

Finally, whether you are searching for something that gives you more space or a tall yoga mat that will meet your above average height, you will find a mat that fits your needs with the long yoga mats mentioned within this article.