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The Best Yoga Pants for a Muffin Top (Certain Yoga Poses HELP Too)

The Best Yoga Pants for a Muffin Top (Certain Yoga Poses HELP Too)

The infamous muffin top (also commonly referred to as love handles) is the excess fat that peers out of the waistline.

Muffin tops are most visible when tight-fitting pants are worn. Women are the most commonly affected by muffin tops for various reasons.

Whatever the reason, muffin tops are annoying but fortunately can be reduced and eventually obliterated.

Yoga comes to the top of the list, yet again, with ways to help a host of ailments whether physical, mental or emotional. Yoga can help you eliminate your muffin top if you give it a chance.

This article will explore the various ways that yoga can help with getting rid of muffin tops.

What Are the Best Yoga Pants for a Muffin Top?

can yoga get rid of a muffin topMuffin tops appear when you have pants on and your waistband is smaller than your waist. Most women will experience encountering a muffin top at some point in their lives.

There are ways to hide or essentially reduce the muffin top altogether; whether it is by using high-waisted yoga pants or utilizing healthy eating habits and exercise.

The solutions are there for the taking and should be utilized if muffin top reduction is on your horizon.

These are my favorite (top 10) most talked about (by my students) high-waisted leggings, which can easily be transformed into yoga pants, that will do the job of hiding muffin tops for most people.

1. Lucy Studio Hatha High Rise Leggings

These leggings are able to absorb moisture like no other and are great for those pretzel-like and intricate yoga poses; not to mention the hidden internal pocket in the waistline.

Leggings that will hide your muffin top as well as support you while you are bending backward and forwards, these are one yoga pants are one of my favorite picks.

2. Under Armor Mirror High Rise Printed Leggings

Women can move and bend anyway they please in these four-way stretch leggings by Under Armor. These leggings are great at hiding your love-handles.

These high-waisted leggings keep their shape during your workout and are made with antimicrobial material that keeps them fresh.

3. Heroine Sport Thread Leggings

Crush an early morning workout, then head straight to brunch with your friends in these stylish high-waisted leggings by Heroine Sport.

Everyone will stop you and ask you where you purchased them; the name Heroine says it all. You can save the world in these beautiful black and white color-blocking leggings.

4. Koral Lustrous High Rise Leggings

The Koral Lustrous high rise leggings are made with a thick, high-rise band that hides your muffin top and provides support for your core.

So keep doing your crunches because you will not be disappointed. These shiny leggings will be the showstopper at any workout class that you attend.

5. Beyond Yoga High Waist Capri Leggings

If you live in a windy area and you walk to your yoga classes, these leggings are made with extra resistant material that will block the wind, moisture, and abrasion.

You can actually wear these Beyond Yoga high waist leggings anywhere, you are protected from all weather elements.

How to Reduce Your Muffin Top with Yoga?

how to reduce your muffin top with yogaCan yoga get rid of a muffin top? Yes, of course. You can use yoga and a variety of other exercises to get rid of a muffin top.

Although, yoga is packed with benefits, too many to count on two hands. One benefit of yoga is the improvement of physical appearance and activity for the yogi who consistently practices.

If you are looking to reduce your muffin top, yoga is one of the best exercises to do, especially twisting asanas.

Yoga asanas that involve twisting target muffin tops in the most unique way through the toning of large muscle groups as well as giving your liver a massage in such a way that it activates fat removal.

The two yoga poses below are some of the best twisting poses to melt away muffin tops.

Kati Chakrasana: Standing Spinal Twist

Standing upright with your feet one foot apart, inhale a breath in and give yourself a huge hug wrapping both arms tight around yourself (we do not do this enough).

Exhale and twist your body to the right, looking over your right shoulder and continue to move your gaze to the direction of your left heel. Inhale a breath in then return to the center.

Exhale a breath in and twist your body to the left, looking over your left shoulder and continue to move your gaze to the direction of your right heel. Inhale a breath in again then return to the center.

Repeat for at least ten rounds and as time goes on and you feel more comfortable, increase the number of rounds you do and never stop being aware of your breath; always follow your breath.

The amazing benefits of this pose include a trimming of the stomach, tightening of the midsection, an increase of digestion and metabolism and release of fat from the liver, can prevent spinal disorders and is extremely therapeutic to individuals that have diabetes.

However, it is important to note that this pose should be avoided if anyone has lower back pain.

Parivritti Trikonasana: Twisted Triangle

Standing upright with your feet about three feet apart, adjust your right foot to become slightly flared out and point your left foot directly in front.

Inhale a breath in and spread your arms at shoulder level then exhale a breath out and move your right hand down your right leg until you get to your ankle.

Hold yourself in the pose and make sure that you are breathing normally. Your left hand should be over your head or at shoulder level.

Turn your gaze directly ahead of you or on your hand that is overhead (preference is yours depending on how your neck feels).

Inhale a breath in and come back up to the starting position. Repeat the same exact series of moves on the other side.

The amazing benefits of this pose include an intense reduction of love handles (also commonly referred to as a muffin top), toning of inner legs, trimming of the stomach, tightening of the midsection, increases digestion and metabolism as well as an excellent pose for alleviating pain in the knees.

However, it is important to note that this pose should also be avoided if anyone has lower back pain.

What Are the Best Yoga Asanas to Reduce Your Muffin Top?

what are the best yoga asanas to reduce your muffin topMuffin tops, also known as love handles, can be annoying but can absolutely be managed. With a healthy food regimen and consistent exercise, muffin tops can be obliterated.

Yoga is one of the best routes to go when trying to rid your life and body of muffin tops. Different yoga poses have various benefits when it comes to getting rid of muffin tops.

Those poses target the abdominal muscles. The transverse abdominis (TVA), the internal and external obliques and rectus abdominis are the four major muscles of the abdominal muscles.

Our core provides stabilization and the ability to flex and rotate the buttocks. Strong abdominals decrease back pain, improves posture and as well as gets rid of muffin tops.

Here are four additional yoga poses that will target the abdominal muscles in order to reduce muffin tops:

Utthita Trikonasana: Extended Triangle Pose

Utthita Trikonasana- Extended Triangle Pose

Prasarita Padottanasana A: Wide-Legged Forward Bend

Prasarita Padottanasana A: Wide-Legged Forward Bend

Plank Pose

Teenage girl in plank pose

Navasana: Boat Pose

Navasana boat pose exercise

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Now, let’s discuss 10 additional tips for losing your muffin top (belly fat), including diet changes and exercises

Some would say the most difficult place to get rid of fat is the muffin top. It’s the most common complaint women have and men even suffer from it, but they often call it a beer gut.

By altering your diet and using proper exercise techniques, you can eliminate the muffin top quicker than you can imagine but first, let’s first learn more about the dangers of a muffin top.

Belly Fat

Fat in the abdominal region is considered belly fat, and it’s also the most harmful of all fats.

Most people just want to get rid of belly fat for appearance, which is fine and this article will discuss ways to get a flat tummy; it’s also important to know that belly fat (known as visceral fat) is extremely dangerous and harmful.

Other types of fat, such as thigh fat or arm fat can be a nuisance, but fat within the waist region is directly related to serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, increased cortisol release, and many other types of illnesses you don’t want!

In sum, tummy fat is harmful to your health, so getting rid of it doesn’t only boost your confidence, but it’s overall a health benefit for you to lose it.

After you’ve found the solution, it’s easy to get rid of extra fat on hits and obliques.

That all wasn’t meant to scare you, but hopefully it served as a motivator to get rid of the muffin top now and forever.

6 Tips for Getting Rid of Lower Belly Fat

1. Diet

Yes, those cookies and snacks are tasty, but you’re not going to get rid of anything if you eat those and exercise minimally.

Diet is more important than exercise when it comes to getting rid of fat, and you need to really take this in to get good results.

Think about the phrase, “abs are made in the kitchen.” It’s 100% accurate. Losing weight comes from 80% food choices and 20% exercise.

You can do ab exercises all day, but if you keep eating brownies and cake, nothing is going to change.

2. Eat the Correct Foods

There are lots of articles out there on what foods to eat, including this one, but here’s the gist.

  • Eat lots of vegetables: You should be eating those leafy greens at every meal because they contain lots of minerals and nutrients, including a healthy fiber which aids in digestion.
  • Eat lean protein: Eating lots of protein is proven to boost your metabolism and burn fat faster, so at every meal eat some eggs, chicken breast, beef, and low-carb/ no-sugar whey protein shakes.

You want to avoid processed and sugary foods, and reduce your carbohydrates intake for a couple weeks. This will give your hormones and insulin receptors a bit of a detox.

3. Reduce Alcohol Intake

Wine is great and has some benefits, but it doesn’t help you lose your muffin top. Drinking wine is like drinking sugar, which makes fat stick to your gut. You gotta cut out all the alcohol to get results.

This doesn’t mean you can never drink again, but wait until your at a good weight and then drink seldom.

4. Practice Stress-reduction Techniques

When you’re stressed, your body’s hormones go crazy making it near impossible to lose fat. Stress is inevitable but starts working towards altering your response to stress and learn how to control stress.

Try these techniques next time you’re feeling stressed:

Now that we’ve talked about habitual changes, let’s talk about some exercises you can implement.

Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat and Love Handles

5. V-ups

Start by laying flat either on the floor or on an exercise mat. Then slowly raise your arms and legs to make a V shape.

While doing this exercise, pull your belly button into your spine. Focusing on your core muscles will keep you balanced.

Hold this pose for as long as you can, and do this as many times as you can for one minute.

6. Side-to-Side Hops

Along with working your abs, you’ll get a nice cardio workout.

Place your hands on the floor, and put a band or a small clothing article in between your hands to act as a line.

Then move your feet back and forth over the line as quickly as you can.

Do as many as you can in one-minute intervals for 3 sets total.

7. Bicycle Crunches

For this one, make sure that you don’t move too quickly. Go as slow as possible, really controlling your movements.

Beginners should aim for 35 reps for a total of 3 sets, but as you advance aim for 50 reps, both sides counting as one.

8. Russian Twist

Make sure to keep your back straight when doing this exercise, it’s the most commonly made mistake. You can practice in front of a mirror to ensure you’re doing it correctly.

Focus on form and push your chest out.

Beginners can do this without any weight, but if it feels too easy, try holding 5-10 pounds of weight in your hands.

Try 20 reps for 3 sets.

9. High Knees

This is a great exercise for those that need low impact exercises, and it gets the blood flowing without any jumping.

Concentrate on the movement, and keep your chest tall. When you bring your right leg up flex the right glute at the top of the movement and vice versa. Try to hold the position before lowering your leg.

Do this for two full minutes a rep, for 3 sets total. It may be more enjoyable to do this while watching TV.

10. Toe Touch Crunches

You will feel this exercise in your lower and upper abs.

Lay on the floor or exercise mat and bring your feet straight up, with your lower back remaining against the ground during the whole exercise.

Reach your hands up as far as you can, touching your toes if you can.

Do this as many times as you can for one minute.

If you prefer, there are weight loss regimens that you can follow as well.