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The Best Yoga Pants for Hot Weather (or Hot Yoga)

The Best Yoga Pants for Hot Weather (or Hot Yoga)

When summer arrives and the warm weather fully kicks in, the last thing you want to do is throw a pair of leggings on to go workout.

Sure, running shorts can be worn or spandex, but not all of us want to get rid of our legging attire just because of the weather.

The solution is to buy and wear leggings that are light and can endure everything from a brisk walk to a yoga session to a full boxing class.

With that said, we have put together a list of the best yoga pants for hot weather, so if you’re after a pair of lightweight leggings, then we recommend the following yoga pants:

The Best Yoga Pants for Hot Weather

1. 90 Degree by Reflex (Power Flex Capri)

These yoga pants are brought to you by Reflex yoga, which is a very reputable brand. These yoga pants are affordable, but they are well-made and they are available in various sizes and colors. More importantly, they are ideal for a regular yoga class.

The sweat will be wicked right off when you are wearing these pants. The 90 Degree pants are great for hot yoga too, and students love them because they allow them to breathe and they don’t ride up.

The pants are available in many colors but only two lengths and they come back with a no question asked 30-day money back warranty.

2. VIV Collection Signature Leggings

These leggings are a new release and already are extremely popular. It took a few years for the ideal fabric to be produced, but the wait was worth it.

These pants have the perfect balance of elasticity and stretch, as well as the ideal compression. What this means is the pants will handle sweat with no problems, especially since they are very breathable and lightweight.

The VIV leggings have a hidden pocket too. Best of all, you can choose a pair in your favorite color, which you’ll likely find because they are sold in over 35 colors.

They vary in length and designs too. Not only that, but they are affordable and people cannot get enough of them.

3. Non-See-Through Thin Pants from Baleaf

Think yoga pants that are breathable, cool and they look nice. However, thin pants can also reveal panty lines and show a bit of skin.

However, Baleaf has changed the game and have released pants that are thin, but they retain color and shape while you are moving around in them.

The Baleaf pants have a flat-lock seam too. This means chafing is reduces, and you’ll enjoy a greater range of movement because of the gusseted crotch. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the pants were made with fabric that will wick sweat away.

4. Fishers Finery Eco-Fabric Pants

These pants are made mainly from bamboo. They are breathable and soft. Let’s not forget to mention they’ll easily wick sweat away.

Remember, one of the best fabrics to wear for exercising is bamboo, due to its fast drying nature and its ability to keep moisture away.

Bamboo also allows for the utmost breath-ability and some people think it might be able to fight off bacteria.

These pants are made with a blend that features over 50 percent of bamboo viscose, which makes them ideal for hot yoga. Perspiration is drawn away from the skin and it will evaporate fast, which allows you to remain cool as you progress through your yoga session.

The Baleaf yoga pants are available in size different colors. They have an amazing stretch to them and they will not hinder your movement. This is why they may very well be the best pair of yoga pants out there today.

5. Junlan Wide-Leg Yoga Pants

These leggings are loose fitting and they have amazing ventilation. They allow you to enjoy a full range of movement, which means posing will be comfortable.

Many people believe these are the perfect pair of pants for hot yoga and they will not ride up or roll down on you. They may look like a basic pair of pants, but they are very functional.

6. Comfy Yoga Capris Pants

Comfy Yoga has created the perfect pair of pants, which are stylish and practical. They have been made with fabric that has a silky feel to it and they are quick to dry.

The pants are sold in over 20 colors and patterns, which includes night sky, mandalas, and paisley to name a few. In fact, there was one reviewer that mentioned how Comfy Yoga doesn’t offer yoga pants in boring colors.

The pants are sold as one size fits most, which might put you off of buying a pair. However, the pants really are adaptive, and most people shouldn’t have an issue with how they fit.

They have plenty of stretch and the length is long enough. The bottom line is if you want a pair of good yoga pants, then look no further than Comfy Yoga.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this article has been helpful. If you need more than yoga pants, read this article on what to wear to hot yoga class