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Can Yoga Help with Cellulite? Plus, the Best Yoga Pants for Cellulite

Can Yoga Help with Cellulite? Plus, the Best Yoga Pants for Cellulite

Lady using yoga to reduce cellulite in her thighs and buttocksCellulite is the bane of most women’s existence in the form of stubborn, dimpled, lumpy skin that is caused by fat pushing its way through the connective tissue between the skin.

One of those realities of life that will not necessarily go away for good, but can be managed with the proper tools and treatment.

Although with a change in eating habits and other bad habits, for some people cellulite may go away for good.

Men can experience cellulite, but it is most common for women because of the way fat, connective tissues, and muscle deposits distribute throughout a women’s body.

Women, naturally have a biological makeup that is dissimilar than men’s biological makeup.

But whoever experiences cellulite can manage it with a daily yoga practice and this article will discuss how that more in depth.

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Can Yoga Help with Cellulite?

best yoga pants for celluliteYoga can help with just about any and everything and cellulite is no exception. Although once cellulite appears in your life, it is most likely there to stay for good but you can manage it.

Exercise of any kind can help reduce extra fat cells in the body which in turn decreases the appearance of cellulite. Yoga falls into the “exercise of any kind” category and can be practiced on a daily basis to manage those stubborn fat cells.

As we age, it becomes more difficult for our bodies to rid itself of extra fat, unfortunately, we will not have our teenage bodies forever!

Many different styles of yoga can help with the decrease in the appearance of cellulite in various ways.

Restorative yoga helps with mindfulness and peace of mind, which in turn helps you to make better choices with food and exercise. Vinyasa Yoga and Power Yoga are both excellent styles because you are moving your body, increases circulation to the heart and blood flow.

Resistance type exercises are also good for reducing cellulite because of the toning of muscles making you look more firm.

Poses such as Warrior I and II, Chaturanga and Boat and twisting poses help create toned muscles and remove waste products from your body because of increased, more consistent blood flow; adding weight training to your regime will not hurt either.

The more exercises and moves for toning muscles the better for any reduction of cellulite.

While the full removal of cellulite is not actually possible, the decreased visibility and partial reduction is possible through consistent moving through yoga poses which increases blood flow, circulation and lymphatic fluids in the body as well toning and firming muscles.

Cellulite decreases the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids in the body. Yoga improves a healthy lifestyle due to the feeling of wanting to do better for your health which in turn will improve your eating habits.

Incorporating eating habits that include fresh fruits and leafy green vegetables which offer their life-changing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that change your body from the inside out.

Yoga also allows you to feel more at peace with the world and yourself which in turn gives you space to have a healthier lifestyle and not reach for unhealthy options or fall into old unhealthy habits.

Of course, this aspect of yoga takes time and a practice is what yoga is so you will forever be evolving and finding more about yourself than prior practices.

And of course drinking good old aqua will help with reducing cellulite; it helps most, if not all brokenness we have in our lives. Water is truly amazing and does its best work in the industry of healing.

How Do You Remove Cellulite with Yoga?

Cellulite cannot ever be completely removed but its visibility can be reduced. Those stubborn fat cells that just will not die like to hang out and crowd around certain areas of our bodies and cause cellulite.

As annoying as cellulite is, it is reality and here to stay for most women, although it is not gender discriminatory, men are few and far between when developing cellulite.

Unfortunately, cellulite is referred to as cottage cheese, not necessarily the best term for something that cannot always be controlled.

Devastatingly even the women who exercise and regularly consume healthy food are still prone to and develop cellulite, it just one of those things that women have to deal with regardless of their makeup and body chemistry.

Also, a woman’s body chemistry is far, far different from men’s. Women’s body chemistry goes through exceptional and ferocious changes as aging occurs and adding hormones to the mix does not make the situation any more bearable.

But yoga can help with the visibility and reduction of cellulite and some women use yoga consistently to do just that.

It is important to note that there are certain exercises that increase the visibility and production of cellulite so you must know which ones to do and which ones to do if you are looking to combat cellulite.

Try these five exercises that target cellulite in your buttocks; if done consistently you will begin to see the effects and reduced visibility of cellulite.

1. The Plie Squat

This squat is the next level squat and will have you wanting to do the traditional squats mid-way into the move.

Stand and form a traditional squat but turn your toes on each side to face the adjacent wall (right toes to face right wall and left toes to face the left wall) and move down into the move still maintaining the traditional squat.

But as you move up contract your inner thighs, squeeze your bottom inward and make sure to push your pelvis out when you arrive at the top of the position. This move helps with the reduced visibility of cellulite by targeting both your inner and outer thighs.

2. Medicine Ball Squats

This pose is good for not only reducing the visibility of cellulite but also for learning how to do squats properly without injury.

You can start this pose without the medicine ball until you are comfortable with your posture in a squat position. Medicine Ball Squats help to tone every region of your thighs, buttocks, hamstrings, and legs.

Stand straight up with your legs apart in a squat position and hold the medicine ball over your head.

Squat down, bringing the medicine ball with you stretched out in front as you move down (only go down as far as you feel comfortable with) and move up stopping with the medicine ball at shoulder level.

Continue this pose until you have completed your desired repetitions. Please be mindful of how the medicine ball feels in your hands; pick a size that you are comfortable moving around with.

3. The Bridge

Grab your yoga mat and lie flat on your back with your arms resting by your sides. Place your feet flat on the floor ensuring they are situated under your knees and move your hips to the ceiling.

Once your hips are as high as you are comfortable and capable of bringing them back down to the mat and repeat this move working through all of your desired repetitions.

If done consistently and with intention, you will be able to do this pose with one leg elevated, alternating legs as you go.

4. Mountain Climbers

Begin standing straight and then bend over walking your hands and feet out into plank pose. Once in plank pose bend your left leg and bring the leg as close to your chest as possible, alternate to the right leg and bring that leg as close to your chest as possible.

Make your legs straight again and bring each leg (one at a time) as close to your armpits as possible. Repeat these moves four times, end in plank and walk your hands to your feet to stand up.

Repeat through your desired repetitions. Mountain Climbers are great for strengthening your legs, hamstrings, and thighs and will most certainly reduce the viability of cellulite.

5. Resistance Band Side Leg Lifts

Grab a resistance band and sit directly on your mat and wrap the resistance band around your ankles or move up your thighs. Put your weight on your right-hand side and use your left elbow and forearm for stability.

Lift your right leg as far as high as it will go in the air. Keep that motion one side going for at least 30 seconds then switch sides and do the same movement.

This movement reduces the visibility of cellulite by tightening the muscles in both the inner and outer thighs as well as the hamstrings.

Cellulite is formed from stagnant muscles; the non-use. If muscles are not used in a long time, fat will begin to creep in and cellulite will form.

Yoga is a great approach to reducing cellulite because of the ability to tighten the muscles in loose areas of the body. A consistent yoga practice along with a healthy food regime will most certainly reduce the visibility as well as the development of cellulite.

What Are the Best Yoga Poses for Cellulite Reduction?

Yoga is great for just about anything that you are dealing with in life. Not only is it a phenomenal workout but it is also an incredible stress reliever, helps with anxiety and depression as well as reducing cellulite.

If yoga is done weekly on a consistent basis, you will begin to see drastic changes in your mental, physical and emotional health.

Cellulite is almost inevitable for 90% of the women population due to the changes that occur in the body.

Cellulite is fat pushed against connective tissue, which gives it the lumpy look. But this can be controlled by healthy food choices as well as exercise.

But the bad news is that cellulite does not fully go away, the visibility decreases and it can become manageable. Here are three poses that can help with the reduction and decrease the visibility of cellulite.

1. Eagle Pose

This pose tones the muscles in your inner and outer thighs and you aim to engage your core. In this pose, you will want to drastically squeeze your leg muscles while you are engaging your core to receive the best benefit.

Stand straight and bend your knees, wrap one leg over the other and if you can fully wrap the top leg around the bottom. Make sure your foot hooks onto your calf, if this is too challenging you can tap the top foot on the floor or move it towards the outside of your bottom leg.

Take your arms and wrap them around one another in front of you and lift them up, slightly leveled with your forehead.

You can clasp your palms together if that is your practice, if not then you can work by just slightly touching one palm to the other. Hold this pose for five to eight breaths on each side.

Increased focus and concentration are the main benefits of this pose which in turns helps you to make healthier food and exercise choices.

2. Incline Plank

If you want to tone the muscles in your thighs and hamstrings, this pose is the one that will honor your request. Planks in general are good for toning your whole entire body but this pose is the next level.

The muscle targeted regions are usually right where cellulite tends to lurk and settle.

Sit straight up with your legs in front of you, make sure your legs are straight. Move your hands about ten inches behind you with your fingers facing your bottom.

Slowly lift your hips and hold your body in the pose for five to eight breaths, lower then repeat again and you can do this for as many times as your repetitions call for.

3. Shoulder Stand

Inverted poses such as this pose are great for the lymphatic system and flushing out toxins from the body while breaking up the fat deposits and extracting them from the body.

Lay on your back and lift your legs, using your abs bring your legs over your head (plow pose). Clasp your hands under your back and bring your shoulders toward your ears to come off your neck.

Now bend your elbows and rest your hands on your lower back. Keep lifting your legs while engaging your thighs (this causes you to lift our of your lower back).

Continue to press into your elbows but if you feel the pressure of any kind on your neck come all the way down or use padding to relieve pressure. Hold this pose for eight to ten breaths then lower down through plow and lay back flat on the ground.

Cellulite Is the Bane of About 90% of the Women Population

Most women will experience cellulite at some point in their lives no matter their body type, it just happens.

While cellulite will not disappear completely, it can be managed by healthy eating habits and exercise. Yoga helps to decrease the visibility of cellulite and reduction of occurring but it is not a full cure.

If done consistently, yoga can help with emotional, physical and mental health and you will begin to see that changes occur.