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How to Clean Lululemon Yoga Mats (Cleaning Instructions & DIY Recipe)

How to Clean Lululemon Yoga Mats (Cleaning Instructions & DIY Recipe)

A yoga mat is an amazing investment because you can bring it absolutely anywhere!

You can do more than yoga on your mat, you can stretch or even do core work. With all that you can and will do on your mat, you must know how to clean it properly because sweat and dirt will not clean themselves.

Different brand yoga mats require its own cleaning routine and you just need to know what solutions to use to clean your specific mat.

Lululemon yoga mats are made with certain materials that require a specific cleaning routine. It is important to stick to this cleaning routine in order to keep the yoga mat intact for a very, very long time.

What Are Lululemon Yoga Mats Made Of?

what are yoga mats made ofLululemon yoga mats, which are some of the most popular yoga mats in the world of yoga, are made of natural rubber with a polyurethane coating.

The natural rubber is great for padding for your joints if you suffer from sore joints or have trouble with your joints for any reason. Note that we recommend specific thick yoga mats for those with bad knees

The polyurethane coating is great for immediately absorbing sweat and moisture, which makes this a great mat if you are looking for a non-slip mat for yoga class. There is also an antimicrobial additive that blocks mildew, mold and other bacteria from getting onto the mat.

This mat is also made of latex, which if you have an allergy to latex, it is suggested that you do not use this mat. The materials used to make Lululemon mats make it possible for the mats to be non-slip and sweat absorbent.

Finding the right yoga mat for your practice is essential and that all comes down to the materials used to make the mat. The material can make or break a mat for some people because they may have a preference or even an allergy.

It is important to read the materials while doing your research on which mat to buy because you cannot clean away materials, you can just prevent bacteria and fungus from staying. 

A suggestion is to purchase a dark color yoga mat because over time there will be permanent sweat stains and if you have a dark color mat, you will not have to worry about seeing those stains.

Do your research before committing to a purchase especially if you have a preference, allergies or sensitivities to certain materials used to make yoga mats.

How to Clean Lululemon Yoga Mats

Lululemon yoga mat cleanerEach yoga mat brand requires different cleaning regimes because of the material that is used to make them. If you use the wrong cleaning materials you could potentially ruin your yoga mat so it is important to know what to use to clean your specific mat. 

Lululemon yoga mats are made mostly for people to take hot yoga classes with which means they are, at times, saturated with sweat and moisture. Finding a good cleaning regimen for your yoga mat is a top priority.

The best suggestion for cleaning a Lululemon yoga mat is to clean it immediately after use. Yes, this yoga mat is the best one for soaking up sweat but letting it sit overtime will make it harder and harder to clean over time.

Also, some people who use Lululemon yoga mats have expressed the consistent smell of rubber coming from the mat and not knowing how to get rid of the smell.

This cleaning regimen may change that for the better. Not leaving the mat outside in the sun to dry will also prevent the rubber smell from lingering because the sun often times brings that smell to the surface.

Lululemon Yoga Mat Cleaner Recipe

Items needed:

  • Baking soda (one teaspoon)
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Water (8oz)


The cleaning regimen includes one teaspoon of baking soda, one lemon (you will need the juice from the lemon) and of course water. Make sure you have a bowl that you do not cook with and use that as your yoga mat cleaning solution bowl.

Add the baking soda first, then add the juice from the lemon. Once that happens, the baking soda will begin to form bubbles and then you add water.

Following the recipe exactly by putting the ingredients in the bowl in the order they must go in is very important. Next, you grab an old washcloth and dip it into the bowl then wipe the mat down extremely well.

After the thorough cleaning, rinse the washcloth with water. Keeping the washcloth damp wipe down the mat again with just water, then allow it to air dry in a safe space at home or outside in the shade.

Make sure the mat is in a place where the sun cannot reach it. Again, it is recommended that you do this cleaning regimen after each use of your yoga mat to keep bacteria and fungus at away.

Essential Oil Yoga Mat Cleaner Recipe

essential oil yoga mat cleanerEssential oils can be used for different health reasons, cooking and relaxation purposes. But essential oils can also be used for cleaning because of their many uses and benefits.

The best essential oils to use to clean yoga mats are tea tree oil and lavender oil because of their antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

You can use essential oils to make a quick and easy spray to use after each class before you get home to do the actual cleaning of the mat. Lavender oil adds an extra benefit when sprayed on the yoga mat – it’s relaxing aurora that helps relieve stress and tension.

Items needed:

  • Small spray bottle
  • Distilled or spring water
  • Tea tree oil or Lavender oil

To make this spray you will need a small spray bottle, distilled or spring water, two drops of tea tree oil and one drop of lavender oil. Some people also add in Witch Hazel, which is also a great antibacterial agent.

White vinegar can be used in place of Witch Hazel because vinegar can be used to clean absolutely anything!

Mix all of the ingredients into the spray bottle, shake then spray on the mat after your next yoga class. Tea tree and lavender oils are used because of their antibacterial and anti-fungal benefits but you can experiment with other essential oils that work for you as well.

Some people do not like the smell of tea tree oil and it can leave the mat slippery if too much is used. Other essential oils that can be used are lemongrass, eucalyptus or peppermint oils, all of which have great benefits as well.

You can even use multiple essential oils in one solution to match how you’re feeling or even for different seasons. Finding the right concoction for you and your mat is the most important thing.

Why You Should Clean Your Lululemon Yoga After Each Use

You may think – oh my yoga mat does not smell or look dirty so why should I clean it after each and every use? Some of the worst bacteria and fungus go unnoticed because they do not give off any odors and they do not leave evidence they were on your mat.

Do not let the lack of smell or sight fool you, the bacteria and fungus live on your yoga mat and loves to hang out and collect.

How many times have you ended your practice in corpse pose and the last thing you were thinking about was cleaning your mat right after class.

I know, I know, it was not at the top of your “to do list”, but it should be!

You should be cleaning your yoga mat, Lululemon yoga mats included, after each and every practice. There are many reasons for cleaning your mat after each use. These are the top five reasons why you should be cleaning your mat each practice.

1. It Prolongs Life of Your Yoga Mat

Cleaning your mat will increase the shelf life of your mat and your mat will stay fresh and clean, always. You will be eliminating the mat of bacteria, fungus and other germs that lurk after sweat sits for a long time.

Using a natural cleaner such as the one discussed earlier in this article is great to use because you know how much of each ingredient is going in and not to mention it is good for you and the environment.

2. It Helps to Avoid the Hard Deep Cleaning

We all know when we continuously put tasks off, such as cleaning the final cleaning is the hardest because know we have to clean all that we did not before.

If you clean little by little, in the form of after each use, you will not have to worry about the hard deep cleaning because your mat will already be fresh and clean. Your mat and your nose will thank you for those cleanings.

3. Everyone Loves a Clean Yoga Mat, Even Your Fellow Yogis

Every yogi comes to yoga class for one reason – to do yoga. What if you are extremely into your yoga practice and you are just about to nail a pose that you have been working on for months and then all of sudden you smell an odor that is not so pleasant?

You know it is not you because you cleaned your yoga mat after the last class, then you realize is it the mat of the person right next to you. You think to yourself – “when was the last time they cleaned their mat?!”

Another reason why cleaning your mat after each practice is highly recommended, you do not want to be the person in class distracting the other yogis because you did not clean your mat!

Even adding essential oils to your natural cleaner will brighten up the smell of your yoga mat until the next cleaning. All of your fellow yogis will thank you.

4. A Clean Yoga Mat Is Better for Your Own Health

Bacteria and fungus are not the best for our physical or mental health. Sure we encounter them daily and we have become immune to some bacteria and fungi, but others are just not good for us to breathe in or even to be around.

If sweat sits for a long time without being cleaned, those not so good bacteria and fungus starts to make a home on our mats and that is not good. Think of cleaning your mat as keeping yourself and others around you healthy.

5. You Can Establish a Cleaning Habit

Manifesting habits are inevitable, we are human and are creatures of habit. We all have good habits and bad habits. As you know the bad habits are the hardest to break and the good habits are the hardest to maintain; ironic.

But in order to maintain a good habit you have to do it consistently and over time your brain and your body will begin to recognize it as good because it is making you feel better. Maintaining a good habit of cleaning your mat is possible, it just takes practice.

Consistent Practice with Lululemon Yoga Mat

If you have a consistent yoga practice, Lululemon yoga mats are the best for it because they are durable, have a long shelf life, if cleaned regularly, different thickness levels and reversible.

Lululemon yoga mats are also very easy to clean. Lululemon yoga mats are extremely easy to carry to and from yoga class and not to mention they are non-slip with an exceptional grip.

The mats have thick natural rubber on one side and polyurethane on the other side; each siding providing its own benefits for the yogi.

Your joints and bones will thank you after using this mat because the thickness of the mat protects every inch of your body from the ground. Lululemon yoga mats come in different sizes and thickness levels to cater to what exactly the yogi is looking for in the mat to support them in their practice.

Cleaning your yoga mat is extremely important in order to prevent the spread of bacteria and fungus. Also, your yoga mat will have a longer shelf life if it is cleaned properly and often.

The best suggestion is to get into the habit of cleaning your mat consistently after each use. The fact that you can make a mat cleaner solution at home is incredible, you do not have to worry about certain chemicals being on your mat, which in turn could affect you.

Homemade mat solutions are suggested because you can monitor how much of each ingredient goes into the recipe. Once you are into the habit of cleaning your mat after each use, you will not be able to imagine not doing it.Learn how to clean a Lululemon yoga mat with our DIY recipes, using a combination of environmentally friendly products like tea tree oil, witch hazel, vinegar and other cleansers. While this article provides DIY advice, you have the flexibility to use commercial cleaning products too. Whatever you decide, don't allow a dirty yoga mat to prevent your weight loss as you work towards a healthier lifestyle. Namaste. #DIY #cleanses #namaste #life #teatree #products #weightloss #yoga #lululemon #witchhazel #asana