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Partner Yoga Poses for Two or Three People (Beginners Guide)

Partner Yoga Poses for Two or Three People (Beginners Guide)

Have you been wondering how to create more intimacy in your relationship?

Are you looking for creative ways to build lasting trust with a yoga partner?

Or are you just looking out for a work-out buddy?

Welcome to the world of partner yoga!

Partner yoga includes yoga poses for two or more people. This wonderful journey brings two people closer through movement, touching, trust and feelings of intimacy.

Not only is it a great way to spend time together, but partner yoga helps to strengthen communication, intimacy and the nature of the relationship the two partners share – it could be a friendship, a significant other or even a family member.

Partner yoga upholds the essence of the exercise.

The word “yoga” is derived from “union” in Sanskrit, especially of the mind and body, but it’s actually much more than that.

Yoga is a union of the body and mind, the higher self and the egoistic self, and two people coming together in self-discovery.

The yoga poses for two or three people in partner yoga are designed on the principles of trust— how to create and nurture it between two individuals.

While exploring these yoga poses, partners also better their individual communication skills in a light-hearted and joyful situation!

For those always looking to improve their physical abilities and sociability, partner yoga is a great way to enhance your physical health, foster more intimate ties and get better at understanding the next person.

7 Reasons Why Yoga Poses for Two (Or More) Is Better Than One!

yoga poses for two

There are countless reasons why partner yoga is one of the best forms of yoga out there.

Practicing yoga asanas on your own definitely brings individual growth like toned muscles and a calmer mind, but performing the same movements during partner yoga brings some amazing benefits to your overall being.

So take a deep breath and do some gentle stretches because partner yoga is definitely a workout you want to be prepared for to be able to enjoy its essence.

Here are some great reasons why we love placing our palms in our loved ones:

Creating New Memories Together

Man and women doing a yoga pose for two people

Taking a partner yoga class is an exciting experience you and your partner will cherish for a long time.

There’s no need to plan long holidays or cool adventures to make memories, in fact, you can do that at the yoga studio instead! At a partner yoga session, you and your partner will be playful yet serious.

Sure, it sounds intimidating and you both will be clumsily trying to get through the class with a few giggles here and there, but to build a relationship with a strong foundation, it’s important to start together.

So sign up for a cool partner yoga class and experience the playfulness and fun for yourself!

Learning to Be Mindful

couple yoga poses challenge

One of the best ways to learn to let go is through – you guessed it – partner yoga. With this creative and fun approach to life, you’ll discover new experiences which will help you open up to the art of letting go.

The trick is to enjoy the dream-like state the yoga session will bring about, and patiently explore the potential you and your partner have.

So what better way to have fun than to partner up with a friend or a loved one to share some laughs over yoga?

Being In the Present

Young couple practicing acro yoga on mat in studio together.

One of the most astounding things about partner yoga is cherishing the present moment.

During partner yoga, there’s no time or space to worry about what’s to come and what has passed, neither are there any daunting chores or an incomplete list of tasks lying around anywhere.

All that matters is you and your partner carefully producing the right moves together.

There’s no giving or taking in partner yoga.

The exercise depends on equal support and cooperation of the partners to reach a state of mindfulness to balance their present moment.

Learning to Foster Trust

yoga couple learning to build trust by working together

One of the most important things you’ll pick up during partner yoga is learning to trust another person. At the same time, you will also learn to believe in yourself.

The interdependency in partner yoga is a beautiful experience; trusting that your partner will catch you when you fall and work with your imperfections and vulnerabilities is what you’ll explore.

Trusting your partner will empower you inwardly and in this state of mind, you will open yourself up towards more joy, support, and accomplishments.

The Power of Human Connection

yoga partner stretches

Touching is one of the most important aspects of human relationships – through touching, we convey our thoughts, feelings and what another can expect from us.

The same is the case when you’re performing yoga poses with other people.

For some individuals, it can be intimidating to stand so close to another person and connect with the body.

Whether you connect by joining your feet together or pressing palms together, you open yourself up to an awareness of your body and allow another person to enter your space.

In other words, the experience opens your mind and encourages your body to feel the sensations.

A Unique Experience of the Body

friend yoga poses

Partner yoga is a great way to experience your own body and see it with a new perspective.

Because yoga poses for two or more people makes you focus on finding the balance between yourself and another person, the session will open you to exploring your own abilities and how you engage with yourself.

There will be times when you won’t be able to tell your left foot apart from your right one, but partner yoga is one of the most interesting ways to increase self-awareness and become attuned with one’s body.

Becoming Fit

yoga poses for flexibility

Although yoga does aid with weight loss, that shouldn’t be the only reason you should practice it.

The twisting and turning does firm and tone your body in ways you’ll be surprised. Certain poses may strengthen certain muscles, or tone certain parts of your body, and even strengthen you overall!

And of course, yoga boosts your metabolism, too!

The Top 13 Yoga Poses for Partner Yoga That Everyone Can Try

Now that you’re excited about trying out partner yoga, here’s the shining star: 13 fun partner yoga poses to try!

They’re super easy and so much fun to do – all you need is some sturdy yoga mats and a partner.

Before you begin, be aware of a few rules.

  1. Don’t begin without a warm-up routine. You and your partner should do gentle-warm up exercises before getting into the yogic positions.
  2. Go slow and be patient. It takes time to perfect these moves, so go easy on yourselves.
  3. Communication is essential. Yoga poses for two or three people is all about communicating and committing to the teamwork, so let your partner know how things feel.

After you’re ready with your warm up, it’s time to begin.

Remember to honor your body and your partner’s body, have fun and stay safe!

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to an awesome partner yoga session:

Note: In some instances, I wasn’t able to find a couples yoga video demonstrating the poses. In these instances, I may have included a video of one person performing the pose.

The Uttanasana: Forward Fold

  • Start with the mountain pose – keep your back straight and stand a few inches from your partner.
  • Inhale deeply and extend your arms upwards.
  • On your exhale, both partners will hinge at the hips and fold forward and rest their chest on their thighs

Partners can also hold hands or elbows when performing the forward fold. To exit the pose, keep your backs flat, your cores engaged, and get up slowly.

Ardha Matsyendrasana: Seated Twist

Sitting Spinal Twist - Yoga Partner Asana
  • Sit in a crossed legged position with your backs straight and resting on one another’s.
  • Inhale, then exhale while raising your arms overhead and twist to your right.
  • Bring your right hand to the inside of our partner’s knee and keep your left hand on the outside of your knee.

Remain in this position for a short count and exit pose. Repeat on the other side.

Paschimottanasana: Seated Forward and Backbends

Couples Yoga Wide Angle Seated Forward Fold
  • Sit crossed legged and rest your back against your partner’s back.
  • Partner A will take a deep breath, exhale, and fold forwards with arms extended.
  • Partner B will “fall” onto Partner A’s back, resting lightly on it.

Maintain the posture for a few moments, then come back up to an upright position. Repeat with Partner B as the lead.

Adho Mukha Vrksasana: L-Shaped Handstand

Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand) with Partner assist
  • Partner A will begin in the Staff Pose (The Dandasana) – legs extended and back upright.
  • Partner B will come into a supported tuck handstand with the support of Partner A.

After holding this pose for a few moments, Partner A will help to lower Partner B’s legs. Assume the Child’s Pose (Balasana) position to end.

Remember to keep your core engaged, and try to make an L-shape.

Adho Mukha Svanasana: Downward-Facing Dog

Partner Yoga Positions : Double Downward Dog Pose for: Partner Yoga Positions
  • Partner A will stand behind Partner B.
  • Partner A will assume the downward-facing dog position.
  • Partner B will then walk up their feet to Partner A’s hip to perform a handstand.

Hold the pose for a few breaths. Partner B will then slowly get Partner A’s back, and both will assume the Child’s Pose to end the routine. Remember to go slow and communicate through this asana!

Paripurna Navasana: The Boat Pose

  • Both partners will sit facing one another with legs extended and toes and forefeet touching.
  • The partners will reach for each other’s wrists while slowly raising the legs together.
  • The partners will continue holding hands/wrists and touching toes as they raise their legs to a holding position.

Hold the pose for a few moments and slowly lower your legs. Let go of another to end. Remember, this challenging pose requires patience and tons of communication!

Utkatasana: The Chair Pose

Partner yoga_14_Partner chair pose
  • Both partners will stand facing one another and extend their arms and hold each other’s hands.
  • While holding hands, both partners will lower into a squat position, with hips parallel to the ground

Remember to keep your shoulders and hips aligned, and your knees should not extend over your toes. Hold this pose for a few moments, and stand up to release.

Utthita Padangusthasana: The Extended Forward Leg Pose

Asana Kitchen: Padangusthasana (Big Toe Posture) with David Garrigues
  • Partners should stand facing one another at one leg’s length.
  • Partner A will raise their right left into Partner B’s left hand – keeping their knee straight and foot flexed
  • Partner B will repeat this move with their right leg.
  • Optional: Partners can bend their elbows to deepen the leg extension so that the feet can be high enough to rest on one another’s shoulders.

It’s imminent that both partners stand upright and keep their knees as straight as possible. Communicate – this is all about balance!

Utthita Urdhva Padasana: Supine Leg Raises

Supta Padangusthasana 2 - Iyengar Yoga Tutorial. Supine Poses
  • Both partners will lie down – your crowns should be slightly touching.
  • Partners will reach overhead and hold onto each other’s shoulders.
  • Partners will extend their legs and heels and press their core into the ground.
  • Slowly, both partners will raise their legs until they’re perpendicular to the ground.

To enhance the stretch, partners can reach upwards with their feet. To exit the pose, slowly bring your legs down and let go of the shoulders.

Savasana & Phalakasana: The Lifted Plank Pose

The Plank Pose and its variations | Ventuno Yoga
  • Partner A will begin by lying flat on their back.
  • Partner B will face the opposite direction and assume a plank with their feet resting beside Partner A’s shoulders.
  • Partner A will support Partner B’s legs with their hands and lift them off the ground.

Assume the position for a few moments before Partner A helps lower Partner B’s legs. Repeat with Partner B as the lead.

Utthita Hasta Virabhadrasana III: Warrior 3 With Shoulder Opener

How to Do the Warrior III Pose
  • Partners will stand facing one another at a one leg distance.
  • Both partners will then bend at the waist and extend their arms to hold onto each other’s shoulders.
  • Slowly, the partners will raise their right leg till it’s parallel to the ground.

Hold for a few seconds, slowly lower the raised leg, stand upright and repeat with the other leg. For those with better balance, partners can raise alternate legs.

Bhujangasana With Utkatasana: Cobra With Chair

Cobra Pose – Step By Step | Bhujangasana | Yoga For Beginners - Yoga With AJ
  • Partner A will lie on the floor on their front in the Cobra position and arms extended backward.
  • Partner B will come over and assume the Chair Pose with arms extended forward.
  • Both partners will reach out for each other’s hands or wrists and hold.

Partner B can also squat on Partner A’s legs for support. Also, don’t forget to communicate – hold the pose for a few seconds and release.

Anahatasana & Sandharasana: Melting Heart and Table Pose

  • Both partners will come into the Table Pose facing one another at an arm’s length
  • Partner A will extend their arms and place their hands on Partner B’s shoulder and press their chest downwards to open the heart and chest.

To exit the pose, Partner A will slowly return to the Table position. Rest, and repeat the position with Partner B as the lead.

Some Final Thoughts on Yoga Poses for Two or More People

Not everyone’s a pro at yoga, so enjoy your days as students and laugh it off with your partner, whether it’s your yoga instructor or someone you brought along.

Sure, you’ll fall down mid-pose while trying to nail a tricky position, but remember to laugh it off and improve your balance.

Partner yoga is one of the most transformative forms of exercise out there.

Even simple partner poses like placing palms together or coming into complex acro yoga poses are as amazing as any Thai massage.

Remember, it takes time to find your rhythm with your partner – so show up and laugh while you learn.

However, if you’re unsure, check out local partner yoga workshops around you.

They’ve got tutorials and levels for beginners and it’s also a great way to acquaint yourself with yoga in general and partner yoga, too.

Consider giving couples’ yoga a go, too – take a friend along or pair up with a stranger!

You don’t have to have a doting partner ready to hold you down; all you need is faith in yourself, another sturdy person and some guidance!

Another way to really enjoy partner yoga is trying it outdoors on a patch of grass, under the sun, in a quiet lawn – there’s no place better than nature to practice partner yoga asanas in!

We really hope this piece has inspired you to try a partner yoga class with a loved one.

Remember, partner yoga isn’t just for the romantics and the couples in love – you can pair up with your best friend, your sibling, a parent, and even a stranger you met in class!

Everyone should revel in this unique experience of emotions, senses, and bodies connecting to really see the wonders of yoga.

Let’s not forget the laughs that’ll come along the way! You’ll be walking out with a warm and fuzzy feeling and a new outlook on people and relationships!