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The Best Lightweight Travel Yoga Mat: Plus How to Travel with a Yoga Mat

The Best Lightweight Travel Yoga Mat: Plus How to Travel with a Yoga Mat

I truly adore my daily yoga mat.

It is a thick, cushy, and highly protective of all my joints.

However, it is not the best yoga mat available for travel.

If I attempt to bring it on the plane, the transportation security staff will more than likely ask why I am traveling with a rolled-up mattress.

I would tell security that it doesn’t fit into my carry-on luggage.

This year, I made a personal promise that I am going to continue practicing yoga regardless of what is happening in my personal life. The only problem is that I’m traveling quite a bit this year.

In fact, this year I will be attending two out-of-state weddings, a 60th birthday party in Florida, and a week-long road trip to California.

Needless to say, it was time I invested in a more travel-friendly yoga mat to sync my yoga practice needs with my travel requirements.

1. YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat: The Eco-Friendly Mat with Built-In Straps for a Globetrotter

This mat is known as the YOGO Ultralight Eco-Friendly Travel Mat. The YOGO mat is ideal for globetrotters and has a patented folding design allowing it to fit into all small bags with ease.

The attached straps keep the mat rolled up, as well as helping it hang from different structures after it has been washed. For example, if you are practicing yoga on a beach or on a hike, it is recommended that you strap the washed mat up to dry before packing it in your bag.

Finally, the sticky material of the mat is made from the sustainably-harvested rubber with each company planting a single tree for each mat purchased. It does not get more eco-friendly than this.

2. Jade Yoga Mat: If You Are Tall or Require More Cushioning, This Mat Is Thicker and Available in Two Different Sizes

This second mat is known as the Jade Travel Yoga Mat. Providing a 1/8-inch thickness, the Jade Travel Yoga Mat is one of the thicker options available on the market.

Based on this, it offers adequate cushioning for the user’s knees and joints while remaining lightweight to carry on public transport.

The mat can roll up into a thin tube that can be tossed over your shoulder or stowed away in a suitcase.

Moreover, along with the added support, the natural rubber material provides a superior grip for your yoga poses. Each color is available in the two sizes (68 inches and 74 inches) accommodating taller individuals who require longer yoga mats to practice.

3. Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Yoga and Pilates Mat: A Thin, Lightweight Foldable Yoga Mat Durable Enough to Handle All Adventures

This yoga mat is known as the Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Yoga Mat. Regardless of where your yoga practice takes you, this type of yoga mat can handle the environment.

It folds up to fit in any purse or travel bag and weighs approximately two pounds. However, despite the lightweight and thin nature, it is quite durable.

The tightly woven material is resistant to stretching or tearing with natural tree rubber being able to prevent absorption of moisture or growth of bacteria.

This mat has traveled with me to Hawaii, Antarctica, and on various overnight trips. It is ‘stickier’ than other mats I’ve used, but this doesn’t mean it picks up sand or dog hair.

4. Gaiam Foldable, Travel Yoga Mat: The Budget-Friendly Alternative with Unique Non-Slip Textures

This mat is known as the Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat. This yoga mat is often a less expensive alternative because it is created using a less costly material, which gives the impression that you will be slipping all over the place.

This is not the case with the Gaiam Foldable Mat as it is a non-slip alternative. The foldable mat is only $20, but the unique sticky texture offers stable footing for optimal yoga practice.

It folds into a 12-inch by 10-inch square, which can be carried in a tote bag or as a carry-on. Moreover, it is available in several different attractive designs.

The lightweight mat can offer cushion, and on a recent trip to Hawaii, I was able to perform a yoga jungle hike with this mat. This is an ideal mat not only for travel purposes but also for daily usage.

5. Clever Yoga Lightweight, Foldable Travel Yoga Mat: The Sweat-Friendly Mat You Can Put Through the Washing Machine and Dryer

This mat is the Clever Yoga YogiOnTheGo Mat. If you are heading to a tropical destination with a hot yoga studio, then it is highly recommended that you opt for the YogiOnTheGo yoga mat.

This yoga mat is created using a soft fabric layer as the top surface; therefore, the sweatier you become, the better the grip.

Moreover, there is an additional hygienic waterproof layer acting as a barrier to any bacteria or odors. After a particularly sweaty yoga session, the full mat can be put through a washing machine and the tumble dryer preparing it for your next practice.

It can also fold up into a small square and weighs less than two pounds meaning it can fit into any bag you have.

6. Liforme The Travel Yoga Mat: The Meticulously-Designed Alternative That Keeps You Aligned When on the Go

This mat is known as the Liforme Travel Yoga Mat. There are various reasons why people enjoy the Liforme travel mat with one reason being the revolutionary grip material of the item.

It does not have any stretch element, meaning it is kind to your body, as well as being lightweight and coming with a carrying bag. The real selling point, however, is the alignment system.

This is a unique feature because it has on-mat markets offering you guidance on where to place your hands and feet during yoga poses. This ensures that the poses are always in the correct position while retaining a level of mat portability.

7. YogaPaws Travel Yoga Gloves and Socks: The Non-Slip Gloves and Socks When Luggage Space Is Tight

This is considered Yoga Paws SkinThin Socks and Gloves. If you are very limited regarding suitcase space, then the yoga socks and gloves are the ideal option for your needs.

Yoga Paws allow one to enjoy the benefits of a full yoga mat without the hassle of the item.

The yoga gloves and socks are created using a stretch mesh material lined with non-slip rubber; therefore, your feet and hands are able to remain on the surface. The best news is that they fit in any purse or your pockets when traveling.

How to Travel with a Yoga Mat

What factors contribute to finding the best travel yoga mats? The number one factor (in my opinion) is packability.

One reason why yoga towels are so popular is that they can be rolled and folded. This makes them easily packable. Although thin yoga mats can also be rolled up, many of the newer yoga mats can now be folded, which helps travelers to carry them easily.

Note that yoga towels are used for much more than drying your toes and keeping the mat clean. You can fold these towels just like a travel yoga mat.

They are great when you travel because they do not take up much space. You can also use these towels as an additional layer to manage germs if you are using a borrowed mat.

The towels come with a host of features: they are often sweat-absorbent and limit slippage. Yoga towels are convenient if you don’t want to carry a travel mat.

Learning to pause, focusing on the technique to move from a downward dog to half moon, and shifting perspectives are some of the things that are associated with yoga.

Whether it is your first yoga class at a local studio or you have spent months at an ashram or have traveled to several retreats around the world, yoga has the ability to change people from the inside and challenges all the followers to listen, seek, and feel.

After being a part of numerous yoga classes, or taken travel towels to various studios in the world, I now carry a yoga towel wherever I go and often a travel yoga mat too. The difference has been a game changer for me.

Whether you’re camping at your a national park or jet-setting around the world, a good travel yoga mat will always make your daily practice a little easier. Your travel yoga mat will be your best friend.