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Yoga Panties: Best Underwear to Wear With Yoga Pants

Yoga Panties: Best Underwear to Wear With Yoga Pants

I’m sure that you’re familiar with underwear struggles of yoginis.

These are the common struggles that we all know too well.

We’ve all been there before.

You try on a new, beautiful pair of yoga pants or yoga leggings, and the moment you turn around in the mirror, you see the lines of your undies showing through on your bum.

Suddenly, you can’t even focus on the pants anymore.

Perhaps, you return the leggings, or you keep them anyway, vouching to yourself that you’ll find the perfect panties to wear with your new yoga pants.

Unfortunately, it’s often more difficult than it initially seems.

For those in a rush, we’re big fans for the Nabtos Seamless Bikini Panties, although we provide the pros and cons of several different types of panties within this article.

Today, I’m going to give you some options of panties you can wear under your yoga bottoms. This will help ensure that you’re VPL-free or that no visible panty line (VPL) exists.

Spoiler: Our recommendations aren’t all thongs, but first, let’s discuss some qualities to look for in yoga undies, so you’ll know how to shop for them in the future!

Qualities to Look for in Yoga Panties

As we previously mentioned, you definitely want to ensure that the yoga panties you choose do not show seams through your clothing.

Go Seamless

On that note, it’s also a great idea to look for seamless panties. Many brands offer these types of undies, and I’ll suggest some below.

Although, if you do a quick google search of ‘yoga panties’ or ‘seamless panties’, you’ll find a variety of options and brands.

The Fabric Shouldn’t Too Stretchy

Another factor to consider is the fabric of these seamless yoga panties. Some brands master the art of material mixing, so they create a comfortable, stretchy, yet fitted panty.

Although some brands have so much elasticity, the panties stretch out after a couple washes. Read some reviews before purchasing, and look for any reviews that mention the durability of the panties.

You’ll Want Complete Coverage

Lastly, you will want to think about coverage.

Below, I’m discussing three levels of underwear coverage, so you’ll want to decide if you’re interested in (1) thongs and g-strings, (2) boyshorts, (3) bikinis, or (4) hipsters.

The magic of some of these brands that I’ve listed is the fact they’ve created panties that give coverage and comfort, without showing a panty line. So if you were thinking about choosing a thong, simply out of fear of VPLs, don’t worry, because we have some bikini and boyshort options!

What Panties to Wear | Under Yoga/Leggings, Whites, Enhancing Your Booty, Comfort | Eva Chung
Simply because discussing yoga panties is so much fun, Eva Chung has created a pretty comprehensive video how she decides which panties to wear with yoga pants or under leggings.

The Four Best Panties to Wear With Yoga Pants

Here, you’ll see that I have listed four types of underwear styles. I have ordered my list from the most amount of coverage to the least amount of coverage.

This way you can easily find which style you like best. I also give at least one recommendation for each category that promises no visible panty lines.


This may come as a shock to you, but it is possible to wear boyshorts under yoga leggings and not have visible lines.

I recommend the TC Fine Intimates Microfiber Wonderful Edge Boyshort Panty (link goes to Amazon); they’ve made wearing boyshorts during yoga a reality.

Some issues that I saw with other brands, that carried seamless boyshorts, were not related to panty lines showing, but the shorts stretching too much, and the legs of the shorts riding up.

This doesn’t happen with this brand and design. Therefore, if you’re the kind of person who desires a lot of coverage, this is a great option for you.

The one drawback I saw was the price, as the TC boyshorts are a little more expensive than comparable options. However, if you’re looking for boy shorts that don’t show panty lines, it might be worth it to you.


If you want a good amount of coverage on your bum, but don’t like the look of boyshorts on you, we recommend the Aerie American Eagle Seamless Boybrief Panties (Amazon).

They are sort of between traditional boyshorts and bikini cut panties. Most women love these undies, and they come in many colors and patterns.

Furthermore, they’re great for women with bigger hips due to the thicker bands on the sides. So they will smooth the sides of your hips, rather than digging in them.

Again, they’re seamless, so no worries about panty lines showing on the back or front of your yoga pants.

Pricewise, they’re pretty affordable and often are available in multi-pack deals. So I recommend taking advantage of any deals you find on boybriefs.

Bikini Cut

I’ll be honest. I struggled to find a bikini style that doesn’t show panty lines, and I’m still not so sure why.

Although, after much research, I came across the brand Nabtos. I was actually surprised it took me a while to find them because they are a very popular, affordable brand.

Many ladies rave about the panties’ comfort and its usefulness for yoga specifically. I highly recommend the Nabtos Seamless Bikini Panties (Amazon link) and I may need to get some myself!


If you like how thongs make you feel sexy or how they complement your body, I have two options for you.

Hanky Panky Original Rise Thong Panty

First, there’s Hanky Panky, which is very popular among yogis looking for VPL-free panties. We recommend the Hanky Panky Original Rise Thong Panties.

What makes their underwear special is the fact that they’re lacy and yet, they don’t show through, not even in tight leggings. They somehow get the lace to lie completely flat.

This is a great option for those of you that like fun, yet functional undies.

Commando High Rise Thong Panties

Second, if you’re looking for something more simple and polished, try the Commando High Rise Thong Panties.

Supposedly, wearing them feels like ‘going commando’, hence the name. So if you like the feeling of no undies, but want to wear them for hygienic reasons, these yoga panties may be up your alley.

They are only comparably priced with the Hanky Panky Original Rise Thong Panty and many customers say that the microfiber material and comfort are worth the price.

Commonly Asked Questions

I don’t mind when my underwear rises up when I’m at home, but I want to take some yoga classes at our local studio and I am afraid this is going to be rather embarrassing when my thong shows. Does anyone have any tips on how to avoid this while wearing yoga pants and sweating?

Yes, I’ve found that when I wear thongs that have wider bands, they tend to stay in place better. I also appreciate that the wider band won’t dig into my skin and cause a panty line when I’m wearing my yoga pants.

I have another embarrassing issue, sometimes, when I really sweat hard, I can’t get that smell out of the clothing, any tips on washing that sweaty smell out?

I have found that by washing your clothes immediately after class, as opposed to allowing them to sit and soak in the sweat, they tend to smell better. If you, like me, tend to sweat a lot, add a cup of white vinegar to the wash and be sure that as soon as the wash cycle is done you get them into the dryer immediately. It may also help to turn them inside out.

Choosing the Best Panties to Wear With Yoga Pants

That’s the end of the list. I hope you found my suggestions helpful. If you’ve found the perfect panties for your next yoga session, I’m super excited for you!

If these recommendations aren’t a perfect match, my feelings are not hurt. Keep searching, and remember to look for seamless, comfortable, well-fitting panties that advertise no visible panty lines (or no VPL).

If you’re looking for boyshorts or longer, make sure there’s no ride up. With this information, you’ll be sure to make an educated decision on your new underwear purchase. Best of luck to you!